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Ongoing Promotion, Annoucement

Dear Customers,

Announcement: Label S Uptown branch renovation is now completed! Come and visit us with brand new feel!

Anniversary special offer:
Color Highlight/Ombré/Balayage (Senior Hairstylist)
RM599 Medium Length, RM699 Long Length

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Stay safe, stay styled.

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Label S Team

Welcome to Label S Salon

Label S Salon offers top notch professional hair services that is friendly, trendy and in touch with the latest fashion styles. The experienced team here will surely impress you with their professionalism and awesome service.

Label S Salon uses products and treatments from Shiseido exclusively as it is most well suited for Asian hair types and styles. The professional team here have trained under the hands of gurus from Shiseido Japan and are skilled ninjas in handling and recommending the right products and treatments for you.

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Our Team

Meet our friendly and proffesional stylist, who always provide top notch service and consultation.


Founder & Director Uptown Branch
(by appointment only)
Founder of Label S. Creative all rounded expert, believed that senses, sight, and styles play an important role in appearance. Adapt fast in trend changes and sensible in different hair style.


Director Stylist Oasis Branch Creative stylist with tremendous experieces. Customer that trusted and served by him usually fall in love with his skill and always come back to him.


Director Stylist Oasis Branch A very young director stylist, his talent in hair styling has made him advance his skills quickly and became a director stylist at a very young age.


Professional Stylist Uptown Branch


Senior Stylist Uptown Branch

Pei Wen

Junior Stylist Uptown Branch

Hui Fenn

Senior Stylist Oasis Branch


Senior Stylist Oasis Branch

May Chong

Stylist Oasis Branch

Angel Wong

Chief Administrative Officer Managing day to day operation


Front Desk Oasis Branch


Front Desk Uptown Branch


Hair Cut



Senior stylist

RM 55

RM 70


RM 70

RM 90


RM 80

RM 120

Creative Director

RM 100

RM 150

*Kids below 12 years old: RM 35



Highlights / Airtouch

Color Touch Up

RM 220 (Short)

RM 200 (Short)

RM 280 (Medium)

RM 280 (Medium)

RM 180

RM 300 (Long)

RM 300 (Long)

RM 380 (Extra Long)

RM 380 (Extra Long)

Hair Perm

Cold Perm

Tokio Sinka Perm / Setting Perm

RM 200 (Short)

RM 499 (Short)

RM 250 (Medium)

RM 599 (Medium)

RM 300 (Long)

RM 699 (Long)


First Bleaching

Second Bleaching

RM 180 (Short)

RM 90 (Short)

RM 220 (Medium)

RM 110 (Medium)

RM 280 (Long)

RM 140 (Long)

RM 320 (Extra Long)

RM 160 (Extra Long)

Antifrizz Control / Relaxing



RM 380 (Short)

RM 180

RM 450 (Medium)

RM 499 (Long)

RM 300-350 (Touch-up Root)


Shiseido THC Treatment

Hair Treatment

RM 388

Scalp Treatment

RM 418

(First Trial RM 288)

Global Milbon Treatment

Hair Treatment

RM 388

Scalp Treatment

RM 418

(First Trial RM 288)

Tokio Inkarami Treatment

Hair Treatment

RM 350

Scalp Treatment

RM 350

(First Trial RM 288)

Olaplex Treatment

Hair Treatment
RM 180

K-Gloss Treatment


RM 499


RM 599

Extra Long

RM 699

PREVIA Treatment

Scalp Treatment
RM 199
You may visit our E-store to purchase your favorite home care.
*Price depending on actual hair length, surcharge for extra long


Damansara Uptown
Oasis Damansara


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